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“Why Australia needs a Rosie Batty Roadshow”

As the Chair of National Advocacy for Soroptimist International Australia, Kylie Hillard was the national organiser of the event, and key author of this article promoting the Rosie Batty Roadshow in 2016.

Contempt of Court: Your Clients’ Rights and Powers of the Court, in Family Law proceedings

  Contempt of Court Orders – your client’s rights and the powers of the court When it comes to allegations of contempt of court orders in family law, you need to know your client’s rights […]

Budget ‘metadata’ funding may enable domestic violence

The government’s new metadata regime should be amended to prevent perpetrators of domestic violence accessing this information, Kylie Hillard writes.

Published in Lawyers Weekly on 11 May 2016

Poster – “Metadata legislation – are victims of domestic violence safe?”

Poster Presentation, “Metadata legislation – are victims of domestic violence safe?”, Stop Domestic Violence Conference, December 2015. With the introduction of the Telecommunications (Interception and Access) Amendment (Data Retention) Bill 2014 there came significant outcry […]

“The Business Case for Gender Diversity – a Competitive Edge”

Women in leadership and understanding gendered roles is essential for competitive and effective business, but how do you create this environment?

Budget fails victims of domestic violence

This year’s Federal Budget threatens to compromise those affected by domestic violence, barrister Kylie Hillard writes.

Published in Lawyers Weekly 9 June 2015

“Wimmin and Whitlam’s Legacy”

Gough Whitlam had a profound impact on the rights of women … His government was at the forefront of engaging women in the workforce … There’s still a long way to go, says Queensland barrister Kylie Hillard

Published in Justinian 14 November 2014

“Queensland’s women problem”

Brisbane barrister Kylie Hillard argues that the lack of female judicial appointments in Queensland is damaging confidence in the courts … Disappearing women … Warnings from Michael McHugh ignored … Overwhelmingly white and male gives rise to perceptions of injustice

Published 21 October 2014 in “Justinian.